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Hiking, cycling, horseriding, ballooning...


You want togo for a short or long walk from Villa Ana? Sure you can!
Immediately you are in a vast landscape of yellow fields, vineyards and grazing cattle.
Vignol is situated at the border of the beautiful nature: the Morvan with deer, wild pigs, foxes, birds of prey ....
The air is pure and you can feel it.

A relaxed
tour can be made ​​along the Canal de Nivernais (4 km), where a cycle path was built approximately 45 km long. It carries along sluices and associated Romantic lock keepers cottage from the late 19th century
The route around Vignol is more suitable for experienced cyclists: it is hilly, even with steep slopes,
but well worth it by the scenery, and panoramic views. See also:


Horses can be rented by the hour, for both beginners and advanced.

Ballooning, sailing, kayaking and more
Apart from making a balloon, you can make...
· A boat trip along the Canal de Nivernais,
· Wildwater canoeing
· An adventure visit
· karting
· Paint-ball play
We can do the booking for most of the activities.


Swimming and canoeing

Want to cool down a little and swim? There are two lakes in the area (approx. 25 km).
The beautiful Lac de Chaumeçon provides clear water for swimming, fishing or canoeing.
The Etang de Veau is a nice recreational lake with sailing boats and canoes which can be rented.
We highly recommend to make a kayak tour of 8 or 18 km through the beautiful Morvan region starting at St. Pere.




In the immediate surroundings there are beautiful towns and villages to discover,such as Vézelay (18 km), Clamecy (19 km), Saint Pere (15 km), but also the lesser known Tannay (6 km) and Corbigny (15 km).
For example, day trips can be made ​​to the Chablis region, the Grande Route du Vin, Dijon (120 km highway), Autun, and Beaune (Les Hospices).

Vézelay is famous for the basilica St. Magdalena. This church attracts 75 000 visitors a year. And with good reason!
Vézelay is always lively with wine shops, delicatessen shops, and restaurants. The Zervos museum has a beautiful and surprisingly good collection covering the period of 1926-1960 (Ernst, Leger, Kandinsky, for example).

Clamecy is known for its charming old town with both baroque buildings and a medieval quarter. The Gothic cathedral towers over the square with several restaurants and the town hall.

Saint-Père has a beautiful cathedral with interesting addition of a small archaeological museum. It houses a collection of archaeological finds from the excavation of the buildings around the salt water sources.

Salt Water Sources
In the middle of the country hold  magic. Sources of salt water.
Since the Celts it was a special place: the salt water sources (11 km from Vignol: 2 km from Seigland, towards St-Père). The Romans have built their baths on this place.
The information about the archaeological site on the spot makes it worthwhile visit.


Burgundy is famous for its castles.
The castle in Bazoches (8 km) is the closest. This impressive building was made by Vauban who has designed  many fortifications, and many books written about it and also lived here. The castle is open to the public.
On this site you will find more castles: